We continue to follow safe practice guidelines for our staff and patrons, as it relates to community based health

Orthobility Bracing is an all-inclusive custom and off the shelf orthotic devices maker and provider. Custom Orthotics are measured and made on site in a fully equipped workshop. We are able to accommodate bracing for any part of the body and any activity.

We fully service all populations from pediatrics to adults. We have the ability to service ADP approved braces, WSIB approved claims and any private or extended health care.

We are proud to have a relationship with both The Sick Kids Hospital Spinal department and Trillium Health Orthopedic Surgeons which refer and support our wide rage of products, especially our ADP sponsored Scoliosis Brace as well as the Gensingen Cheneau Scoliosis Brace.

These Scoliosis bracing relationships and options, combined with our affiliation with Schroth Certified Physiotherapists on site, make us a Leader in Scoliosis management.

We are centrally located in the heart of Mississauga in the Square One area, with free parking and easy access to main highways and streets, as well as public transit.

We provide patient-centered care.

Orthotics are

Made on site