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Custom made spinal bracing for scoliosis, spinal and other core abnormalities help align and support these areas and assist in optimal development. We make approved ADP spinal braces as well as being an official vendor for the 3D measured, Gensingen spinal brace.


Gensingen Cheneau Scoliosis Brace | Orthobility Bracing

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Gensingen Cheneau Scoliosis Brace

We at Orthobility Bracing Corporation, in Mississauga, are certified as one of only two in Canada to measure, provide and fit the Gensingen Cheneau Scoliosis brace. Firstly, specific measurements and a 3d scan are taken of the patient diagnosed with scoliosis. The Gensingen brace is then designed by Dr. Weiss and sent to Dr. Moramarco in Boston where this Cheneau brace is fabricated. Turnaround is very fast and in most cases we can measure and fit a brace within one week.

Orthobility Bracing works closely with Dr. Weiss and Dr. Moramarco to deliver the best quality scoliosis braces available. The Gensingen Cheneau Brace addresses the spine in 3 dimensions. Its functional design is standardized for quality control and custom-fit here at Orthobility. The goal of bracing is to halt and possibly reduce the scoliosis curvature.

Dr. Moramarco and his staff have provided us with extensive training to be able to offer patients in the GTA and Southern Ontario with the Gensingen Cheneau brace. We have had some interested clients from other provinces in Canada as well as some from the U.S.A. and are open to helping anyone that is able to make the trip to see us.

The Gensingen Cheneau brace has proven to be effective, worldwide, for treating scoliosis patients. While many braces are designed only to halt curve progression, the Gensingen brace also shows a correction in many cases. This is the result of its over-corrective design. Each Gensingen brace is designed according to a patient's scoliosis curve pattern. Theses 3d scoliosis braces tend to be lower profile in design, lightweight in comparison to other braces and over-corrective in nature. The end result is a more effective bracing option.

It is important to note that the Gensingen Cheneau brace is recommended to be used in conjunction with Schroth Therapy. When both are used, optimal results are seen. If Schroth Therapy is not an option, than bracing with the Gensingen brace, alone, is still quite effective.

Currently the Gensingen Cheneau brace is not covered by the ADP government program in Ontario, but may be included in your private health care package benefits.

We are excited to work with you, in our Mississauga office, if you feel this is the scoliosis brace that you would like to use for your scoliosis treatment.

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