Aaliyah's Fundraiser for Higgy Bears!

Posted by Orthobility Bracing on 9 June 2021
Aaliyah's Fundraiser for Higgy Bears!

Aaliyah was recently diagnosed with scoliosis which is a sideways curvature of the spine that more often affects girls over boys.  She has had to adapt to a new brace and new exercises in hopes that her curve stabilizes during her growth.  With this has come some tough days, but one thing that has made it easier is her Higgy Bear. 

Higgy Bears are special stuffed animals designed specifically for scoliosis patients with mini scoliosis braces for the bears to wear.  Each animal comes with an x-ray, inspirational letters from other kids who have scoliosis, and a personalized card from the owner of Higgy Bears. 

Aaliyah was gifted a Higgy Bear who arrived on the day she picked up her brace.  It definitely made a difficult day much easier by giving her a little friend that wears a brace exactly like hers.

Aaliyah is excited to help other kids with scoliosis by gifting them a Higgy Bear just like hers.  She is asking for donations for the Higgy Bears Non-Profit Foundation to help with her mission.  Any donation, large or small, will go directly to Higgy Bears.  The bears will be sent to Aaliyah and she will have the opportunity to assemble them in care packages and hand deliver the bears to The Hospital for Sick Kids and Orthobilty Bracing.

Higgy Bears' mission is to make scoliosis more "bear-able" for scoliosis patients.  For more information about Higgy Bears and how they came to be, check out their website:    https://higgybears.com

If you would like to help Aaliyah, you can donate to her fundraiser by sending your donation by etransfer to aaliyahsfundraiser@gmail.com (you can use the password "Higgy").  Thank you in advance for your contribution to this special Organization that makes such a difference to Aaliyah each and every day.


Higgy Bear Non-Profit Foundation Website

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New Video Series: Life as a Teen with Scoliosis, Daniela's Story

Posted by Orthobility Bracing on 25 June 2020
New Video Series: Life as a Teen with Scoliosis, Daniela's Story

Life as a Teen with Scoliosis: Daniela's Introductory Video

"My name is Daniela, and this is my first video where I'll share my experiences with scoliosis and my journey, what you can do, with a note on positivity, how I feel and what I think. Know that you are not alone, there are people here for you. In this video, I'm sharing with first experience in wearing the scoliosis brace, how it feels and how to deal with it."



Daniela was diagnosed with scoliosis and would like to share her experience and thoughts with others, like her. She is willing to answer your questions, click on the button below:

Send a question to Daniela


What kind of brace may I need for Scoliosis?

Posted by Orthobility Bracing on 9 June 2020
What kind of brace may I need for Scoliosis?


Scoliosis is a condition where an individual's spine curves three dimensionally; consisting of a side-to-side and rotational component. The most common type is idiopathic scoliosis. If it is detected while the spine is growing treatment may be indicated. The Gold standard for conservative treatment is hard shell custom bracing.

There are different types of braces. All come with various styles and philosophies to treat the condition and halt curve progression.

Orthobility Bracing provides two types of scoliosis braces:

Custom Gensingen Cheneau: Designed with a 3-dimensional body scan and x-rays. The information is sent to Germany and the brace is fabricated in Boston, USA. The shell is sent back to our shop to be fine-tuned & fitted on the client. Because this custom spinal brace is not made in Canada, it does not fit the criteria to be covered by government ADP funding. It may however, be covered under your private health insurance. The Gensingen brace is an over-corrective brace.

Custom Scoliosis Brace: Designed through a torso cast done on site & turned into a body mold of the client. The brace is crafted, fine-tuned and fitted on site. As such, it fits the criteria covered through the government ADP funding model. The client's portion would be 25% of the cost.

Both braces are effective, but are created differently. Make sure you are getting the brace best suited for your needs and funding model. Contact your private insurance and ADP (PH:416-326-6506) to get complete details on coverage for each, or contact our specialists to get details.

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