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Thank you so much Trevor DaSilva at Orthobility for taking care of me and my AFO braces once again. A quick quality maintenance job for straps, on the best braces I've ever had, built by him. I'm 34 years old and an active Paralympic Athlete, with partially paralyzed legs, and I've never felt so stable and in control then with these braces. Thank you!!

- Josh Cassidy

I just had the best experience at Orthobility Bracing. Mylene is kind and Trevor Da Silva is truly a caring healthcare professional. I was diagnosed with scoliosis 15 years ago and he made my original back brace at Sick Kids Hospital. I met Trevor again at Orthobility after so many years and it was like nothing had changed. He made me feel as welcome as when I was an awkward pre-teen at Sick Kids. He works incredibly fast (made multiple adjustments and fixed my brace in less than 30 mins!), and yet he's truly generous with his timehe really spends time getting to understand his patients and their stories. It's a bright clinic with friendly people. Really made my appointment a wonderful and memorable experience.

- Diana Duong

I highly recommend Trevor for your next brace (my experience is on AFO, knee brace, and hand brace. Complicated, I know :) ). Trevor is always put his customer first. I met Trevor in 2018 as there was a new medical condition developed on my right foot on top of my AFO. He worked closely with my physio therapist on diagnosing the problems and provided me a prototype to try. He talked to me and understood where the issues or discomfort were and how he could solve them. With a few visits and adjustments, the new AFO provided me better alignment on my standing and walking. Trever is very creative on problem solving and always looking for new ways to help me. To continue improving my alignment, we were exploring the possibility of knee brace. He kept looking for different braces and found the best one for me. This brace will prevent me locking my knee which would cause long term issue. In the past year, Trevor has supported me on different issues. One of the qualities he stands out from other Health Care Professionals is that he is always listening to my complain and understanding what I wanted to achieve before he jumped into a conclusion. Of course, you would not miss his smile when you meet him. Trevor, thank you for all your help and please, please, keep doing what you are doing and helping more people to do more and feel better.

- Feng ZHOU

If your child needs a brace, you need to see Trevor. He is understanding and compassionate, and simply the best! My daughter struggled with her scoliosis brace, and he patiently encouraged her, while making her the best brace for her. She has had remarkable results. Thank you so much Trevor!

- L BB

My daughter has been seeing Trevor, for a brace for her scoliosis, for over a year and a half and we are so thankful we found him. We had many questions and he took the time to explain everything. There was no rushing and no being forced into a decision. He gave us an honest, professional opinion and let us make the decision that was comfortable for us. He was always available for any adjustments or just encouragement. Our daughter has done amazing with her brace and we owe a lot to Trevor. Definitely would recommend going here. This is were professional and great quality of products meets compassion and willingness to help others. A rare find.

- Nancy Clark

Orthobility Bracing is easy to find and has no parking costs. Once inside, all staff within 420B work as a team to see that you get the attention you need, even across departments. The Orthotist, Trevor, and the orthotics team are competent, punctual, caring, respectful and very importantly, truly interested in how they can help. Trevor took the time to evaluate my orthotic needs and then look after them. I will definitely see Trevor for future orthotic needs if required.

Teddi Koppers

By far the best place (after trying three other orthotists I finally got so so lucky). Found Trevor and staff very professional, helpful, friendly !!, conscience and efficient. His attention was (still is) direct and sincere. Many thanks. Highly recommend.

Myra Lewis

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